Are Apple Trying To Hard?

Apple have introduced a new patent photo background so that we can remember who we are talking to when messaging them, in theory it sounds like a good idea, however, the practicality of may not be what it seems. The new layout gives the impression that things could get crowed, especially onImage group chats,having loads of pictures behind the chat, messaging should really be about it prime objective; chatting,trying to add images to texts is unnecessary. 

USB 3.0

After 10 Years Of The USB 2.0….We Have The  USB 3.0 And It Promises To Be Something Great. They Said It Is Going To Be 10x Faster Than The Previous, Transferring At Roughly 18 Seconds Per Gigabytes In Comparison To USB 2.0 At (What Now Sounds Like Windows 98 VS Vista) 50 Seconds Per Gigabytes.

 It Good to See They’re Speeding Up the Process Of The Simpler Things