Google To Pay Out At Least $19M To Settle FTC Complaint On Kids In-App Charges


Some closure to the ongoing FTC investigation involving parents who were billed for charges made by their children on apps that their kids were not authorized to use: Google will be refunding parents “at least” $19 million to settle the case, and it will be required to change its billing practices to require parental consent before making charges.

The settlement requires Google to contact all consumers who placed an in-app charge to inform them of the refund process for unauthorized in-app charges by children within 15 days of the order being finalized. Google must make these refunds promptly, upon request from an account holder, the FTC notes, continuing: “Should Google issue less than $19 million in refunds to consumers within the 12 months after the settlement becomes final, the company must remit the balance to the Commission for use in providing additional remedies to consumers or for return to the U.S. Treasury.”

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