Android vs. iOS Development: Fight!


The eternal startup question “Android or iOS first?” grows ever thornier, with news that Android’s market share exceeds 80%. But never mind the managers and non-technical founders: what do developers! developers! think of that divide? Whoever makes life easier for them gains a sizable edge.

And by “them” I mean “us.” When not writing TC columns (and novels) I’m a software engineer for HappyFunCorp, a consultancy with the best name (and web site–go on, click through) ever. To keep my hand in, as I find myself doing ever more management, I recently wrote and open-sourced a pair of more-or-less identical Android and iOS apps for a pet personal project. So let me use them to walk you through the state of the art.

Background: I’ve written numerous Android and iOS apps previously, both personally and professionally. These apps are native clients for my pet news aggregator, Scanvine

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