A NSA Hacking Scandal…

Should We Really  Be Surprised That The US Are “Spying” On Us? The Clues In The Name….U.S.A (United Spying Agency) Lol Poor Joke I Apologise. I Really Do.

But Anyway But To The Subject Matter, I Was Scrolling Through The BBC News Website A Few Days Ago (As You Do) And I Came Across A Article “Snowden leaks: Google ‘outraged’ at alleged NSA hacking” Now This Is Something In Which I Had Heard About Recently But Never Really Took Any Notice, So When I Saw The Article I Thought Why Not.

Anyway Alleged “Facts” From Article “NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily” Now This Should Be Ringing Alarm All Over The Place. A Common Phrase I Keep Hearing Is “If You’ve Got Nothing To Hide Then What’s The Problem” Or Something Along Those Lines. The Point Isn’t That I Or Anyone Else Have Something To Hide, It’s That Why Do They (They Being The NSA) Feel That They Have Some Sort Of Right To Be Snooping Around Information That Is Not Permitted For Them To Listen Or View.

Another “Fact” That Came Up Was That They “Monitored servers at 9 internet companies.” Some Including Facebook, Google, Skype, Apple and YouTube. Some Of These Just Sound Ridiculous, I Mean Come On What Sort Of Messages  Or Information Did They Think They Can Gather From Facebook. A Deadly Birthday Message From Me To A Old Friend Of Mine Who I Haven’t Seen Since I Was 5? I Think Not.

As I Can See I Am Going Off Topic Again I Guess I Am Going To Leave This Blog On This Note….

No Matter What We Do Online( Yes Even You On Incognito ) & It Now Seems Even Our Phone Calls…They Will Know EVERYTHING.


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