iPhone 5S Touch ID…A Hackers Dream?

When Apple Announced That The New iPhone 5S Will Have A Innovative Feature Called The “Touch ID” Which Is A Fingerprint Recognition Feature (Not So Innovative IMO But Hey). At First Glance It Sounds Really Cool And Fantastic Because It’s Something New and New Is Always Better ! Right?..Wrong

Just Think About This For A Second, They Say The Fingerprints Will NOT Be Kept But How Many Times Have We Heard That? “Oh No We Don’t Keep The Data” Who Still Believes That? Not Me. Lets Say The Fingerprints Are Kept For Some Reason I Don’t Think it Will Be Long Before Someone Gets Their hands On Them Since This Year Alone Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter And YES APPLE Themselves Were Hacked.¬†We Will Really Have A Panic When/If This Happens.